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        Guangzhou Times Media Company Limited is a full-service creative company who design all things printed. We offers our clients the tools they need to create truly innovative designs that will push their visions forward but in a boutique context, giving them the personalized, hands-on involvement of the team as a whole. We create strong, stimulating work for companies at various stages in their development, whether at the birth of the brand or when established companies want to reinvigorate their existing brand.


        Our team is made up of young, dynamic professionals with the skills to match our passion and vision. We are brand strategists, artists, designers, copy writers, marketers and project managers who work collaboratively to guide and oversee every phase of your brands development and the design work that follows it.


        Our team is passionate about what we create. Passionate about what we design. And passionate about the energy and commitment that it takes to consistently exceed our clients expectations.


        Through experiences with our clients, we have confirmed that our core practices are both effective and precise each client requires uniquely creative and individualized approaches. Whether the approach involves creating an innovative brand for a start-up company, strengthening existing brands for established companies entering a new phase of their growth, or giving back to our greater community through our work with pro bono initiatives. We breathe life into your creative vision by offering you innovative solutions that are tailored to link this vision with your business objectives, allowing you to reach that greater return on your investment that you deserve.



        • Packaging design
        • Promotional material design
        • Logo and stationary design
        • Corporate presentation
        • Catalogue, brochure and newsletter design
        •  Any other design and per specific need



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