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        Books Printing   http://www.bvght6.com  

        Guangzhou Times Paper Products Co., Ltd. is one of licensed fast growing Medium-small sized printing factories under China Times Group. It specialized in traditional books such as case-bound books, saddle stitched books, Wire-O Books, Spiral Books, calendars, perfect bound books, center/ side sewn books; and also we are good at all kinds of board books, such as sound books, index board books, shape books etc.

        Production base is located in Guangzhou, South of China, with over 5,000 square meters workshop and over 100 workers. To meet and exceed clients requirements, we invest a lot on training our stuffs with high passion and self-responsibility, and we also focus on building a modern printing factory decent equipment such as KBA and Heidelberg printing machines.

        To win from new challenges and opportunities in the present worldwide competitive market, we will not stop pursuit of excellence and will keep high passion and create more glorious future with you.


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