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        Books Printing
        Paper Bags
        Paper Bags   http://www.bvght6.com  


        Shenzhen Minghe Paper Products Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company of China Times Group Company Ltd. which is private cultural enterprises group in Guang Dong.



        Factory is locats in the industrial zone of Changxing, Shenzhen city, covers an area of more than 3, 000 Square meters. We owns a number of senior managers and series of integrated facilities such as KBA press equipments. Our printing technology mainly includes: Plate making, hot stamping, spot UV, lamination, gluing,hand work and etc.

        We are
        only focusing on bags products, and we service for many famous brands from all over the world, such as LANCOME, GIRDEAR, PRADA, BURBERRY etc.

        We are sincerely looking forward to co-operation with you.

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