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        Career Opportunity
        Career Opportunity   http://www.bvght6.com  

        If you are confident, independent and excel in any of the following disciplines,then YOU & China Times can be a good combination.

        Please mail your details to : info@chinatimesgroup.com 

        (1) Designer (working place: Guangzhou )
        • Major in design or related disciplines
        • Skillful in using Indesign and Illustrator£¨Photoshop
        • Love designing, and has own esthetic level
        • Having the working experiences in advertising is a plus

        (2) Estimator (working place:Guangzhou)
        • IVE graduates in Printing / F.7 or above
        • Minimum 3 years relevant experience in printing industry
        • Knowledge in printing and packaging is an advantage
        • Good command of written and spoken English and Cantonese

        (3)Customer Service (working place: Shenzhen)
        • IVE graduate in printing/F.7 or above
        • Essential to communicate proficiently in English with overseas customers
        • Experience in working with overseas customers and liaison with PRC factories
        • Knowledge in printing and packaging is a plus

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